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Ming-Chi Kuo has struck again. The most reliable analyst when it comes to providing information on Apple products has anticipated the batch planned for the beginning of the year. There is talk of the iPad, a return of AirPower, and AirTags.

The rumor of an iPhone SE 2 launched in March is now firmly in the heads. Information about a production start has already reached us, and it is now certain that a new iPhone will be official soon. The only thing missing is the announcement of a keynote to confirm all this. But this new smartphone is not the only product that the firm of Cupertino could present at the beginning of 2020. The specialist Ming-Chi Kuo makes a list of predictions concerning many devices.

New iPad Pro and high-end headphones

Expected in 2019, the renewal of the iPad Pro should take place at the beginning of this year. The analyst announces new models equipped with the same photosensors as the iPhone 11 with 3D detection support for augmented reality. Their presentation should be made in March, probably at the same time as the iPhone SE2.

After a year marked by new AirPods, the release of AirPods Pro and Powerbeats Pro, the beginning of this year could see the birth of a high-end headset, without necessarily knowing what it means. The only additional information is that they would be in an over-the-ear shape.

A return of accessories that we thought were missing

The rumor of a location tracker had made a lot of noise last summer. The integration of the U1 chip in the new iPhone heralded the simultaneous launch of what should be called AirTags. But as we know, last September’s keynote didn’t say a word about it, so much so that we thought the project was definitively buried.

Even (lack of) a bell for the AirPower. Apple’s wireless charging mat, postponed many times and definitively canceled in the middle of last year. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, it could come back from the dead, in a new version though, which could be smaller and, above all, should avoid overheating – the reason for the abandonment of the project in the first place.

The beginning of 2021 is already here

Ming-Chi Kuo doesn’t stop at just predictions for dawn 2020. The analyst already talks about the beginning of 2021 and mentions a new iPhone. That should be only an evolution of the SE 2, baptized – for the moment – SE 2 Plus. This successor would adopt a new design with a 5.5 or 6.1 inches LCD panel. The screen would, therefore, occupy the entire front surface, as it has since the iPhone X. However, there is no mention of Face ID, and Touch ID would still be used. Apple would switch here to the fingerprint reader, coupled with the start button. A solution that has been seen on Sony Xperia that were precursors and that we see coming back recently, especially on the Honor 20.